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  1. The first-class cabin on this aircraft was arranged in a 2-2 configuration with one lavatory at the front of the cabin. As I had the bulkhead seat, I was able to stretch out during the flight comfortably. (Photo by Victoria Walker / The Points Guy) Though the seat looked a little worn, it was comfy, and I didn't feel like I was sinking. The armrest was ample enough for my fellow passenger and me not to feel like we were awkwardly bumping elbows
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  3. The American Airlines Airbus A321 (321) 187 passenger version is primarily used on US domestic routes. This aircraft features a First Class cabin with 16 recliner-style seats in a 2-2. The Main Cabin features 171 standard Economy Class-style seats arranged in a 3-3 configuration. Main Cabin Extra seats, which provide additional legroom and priority boarding privileges, may be selected for an additional fee

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Airline: American Airlines (AA) Aircraft: Airbus A321T Flight #: AA 10 Route: Los Angeles International Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport - New York City Date: September 7, 2019 Duration: 5hrs 27min Cabin and Layout: American Airlines Flagship First Class, 10 seat capacity across 5 rows, 1-1 configuration Seat: 1F Miles Used: None, booked a paid flight for $858.30 (Fare Class A Seat map of the Airbus A321 American Airlines. American Airlines owns three versions of Airbus A321. All of them are used for internal, domestic flights. First cabin version of the Airbus A321 (321) This version of Airbus A321 airplane may accommodate 187 passengers: 16 in Business class and 171 in Economy class. In the First class seats are arrange per 4 in a row. Seats in 2nd and 3rd row are. While some carriers have opted to remove first class from their transcontinental fleets, American decided to doubled down. The new First Class cabin has a spacious 1-1 configuration, giving all ten passengers direct aisle and window access. Each of the lie-flat seats in first class, along with the twenty in business class, feature a 15.4-inch HD-capable touchscreen monitor with seat-to-seat chat, live text news and weather updates, 3-D moving maps, airport maps, and connecting. American Airlines Airbus A321 Transcontinental First Class - LAX - JFK Upon boarding, a bottle of champagne was already popped and one of the flight attendants was walking around offering glasses as well as dinner menus. A bottle of Dasani water and an amenity kit were waiting for me at my seat The single business-class bathroom at the front of the cabin, a standard-sized A321 lavatory, served all 20 passengers. First class had one bathroom for 10 people, and economy had two total, or one per 36 passengers. Boarding was complete at 11:32am, and just three minutes later, we pushed back from the gate

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The American Airlines premier Airbus A321 Transcontinental (32B) seats 102 passengers and is primarily used on routes from New York to the West Coast. This next-generation aircraft features the Flagship First Class cabin with 10 Open Suites with fully lie-flat seats in a 1-1 configuration giving every seat direct aisle access. The Flagship Business Class cabin has 20 fully lie-flat seats, designed by BE Aerospace, in a 2-2 configuration. In the Main Cabin Economy Class, the seats are. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 79cm is average, the Premium economy pitch of 86cm is average, the First class pitch of 97cm is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are American Airlines A321T First Class IFE + Wi-Fi AA uses Bose headphones, which are a huge step up from the noise cancelling headphones United uses. My flight had QC3s but AA now has QC35s. Gogo Wi-Fi was $40, but I had a pass via my American Express Platinum Business card (10 passes per year) American Airlines' first class turkey sandwich. American expands Fresh Bites catering. Earlier this year American Airlines trialed a new Fresh Bites concept in first class on select flights out of Charlotte, and that's now being expanded. As of April 14, 2021, American Airlines will expand the Fresh Bites trial to domestic first class customers on flights of over 2,200 miles.

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Seat 5F on American Airlines Airbus A321, transcontinental 3 cabin configuration. As expected, the First Class seats on American's Airbus A321 are fully lie flat seats configured in a 1-1 configuration. The amount of privacy achieved in this layout is exceptional, seconded only to the single seats available in JetBlue's Mint business class American Airlines A321 First Class Review. I originally published this review in January of 2019. With the exception of the current restrictions on service due to the Coronavirus most of what I wrote then holds true todaay (May 2021). I have updated any changes from the original review. This review has been a long time in the making and honestly, will be similar to my review of American's.

First class on American Airlines' A321neo is configured with the new normal for AA domestic first class. These seats are based on the B/E Aerospace MiQ seat, which made their debut on American Airlines as premium economy seats on AA's international fleet — starting with the Boeing 787-9 in October 2016 When it comes to flying coast to coast in the U.S., there's no commercial option more exclusive than American Airlines' Flagship First.Of the airlines flying the super-premium routes between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, AA's the only one offering a true first-class product. Delta, United and JetBlue offer business class as their best experience, and Alaska only has. Trip Report: American Airlines First Class | Airbus A321 | Miami-Dallas; The next leg of this journey will be another flight with American Airlines. When I booked this flight, the main deciding factor on heading to Dallas was because this flight would be operated by the B777-200 widebody. However, in true AA style, this was swapped out for a more common Airbus A321 around two months prior to. Flying in seat 1A on a American Airlines Airbus A321 soon? Read reviews of seat 1A and find a better seat with our American Airlines seating charts The seats on the A321 feel much thinner than the older seats on American's less modern aircraft. The seats are configured 2-2 in 4 rows in First. As they don't recline too much and there is a reasonable 38 pitch, it is not too bad getting out from the window unless someone is reclined and stretched out

American A321T. First it's worth noting that American's A321 first class features reverse herringbone seats. These are the same seats that American has in business class on their new 777-300ER aircraft.. Since the A321 is a narrowbody aircraft, the seats are in a 1-1 configuration, with five rows consisting of a total of 10 seats The Seat map of the Airbus A321 American Airlines. American Airlines owns three versions of Airbus A321. All of them are used for internal, domestic flights. Cabin version of the Airbus A321 (321 ) This version of Airbus A321 airplane may accommodate 187 passengers: 16 in Business class and 171 in Economy class. In the First class seats are arrange per 4 in a row. Seats in 2nd and 3rd row are.

American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview. The American Airlines Airbus A321 (321) 181 passenger version is primarily used on Domestic US routes.. This next-generation aircraft features a First Class cabin with 16 recliner-style seats A First Class seat on the American Airbus A321 - Photo: Eric Dunetz. American will be the only carrier to offer a three-class cabin, featuring fully lie-flat seats in both First and Business Class, on a narrow-body aircraft. The First Class cabin will be outfitted with 10 fully lie-flat seats in a 1-1 configuration, giving each seat direct aisle access. Business class will have 20 fully lie. Review American Airlines A321 First Class And Main Cabin Extra Review Of American Airlines Flight From Seattle To Charlotte In American Airlines A321 Transcon Business Class Review Turning American Airlines Unveils Its New Airbus A321 Transcontinental First Photos American Shows Off First Airbus A321 Review American Airlines Transcontinental First Class Airbus A321 1 Review American Airlines. Seat 4C, First Class, aisle. This flight was on American's newer A321, (coded A32B), with AC power and In-Flight Entertainment with 15.4-inch touch screens in First (8.9 inch screens in Coach). The flight boarded 45 minutes prior to departure, as scheduled, and departed on time. There was a bottle of Dasani water waiting at each First Class seat. Flight time was 4 hours, 35 minutes due to.

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American Airlines A321 Transcontinental First Class Image Credit: American Airlines. The best domestic first class experience out there is on the American Airlines A321. American Airlines has a number of A321 aircraft, 219 to be exact. These aircraft are typically called A321T, which is reserved for transcontinental routes. In fact, if you don't note this important distinction, you could be. What the heck is a diagcon look of an Alaska Airlines A321 first class product? Don't worry, I will get to that. I had no expectation that I was going to write this review. I recently flew down to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to hang out with Embraer and they were nice enough to put me in first class. When I was preparing for my flight home (I flew on Delta to FLL), I saw it was on an Alaska. American Airlines' A321s without power. American has around 220 Airbus A321s in their fleet, and over half of those are planes that American inherited from US Airways (the others are really nice — some have the special A321T transcon configuration, while others have a standard domestic configuration, but with TVs) American A321 first class bottom line American is the only airline that operates a three cabin product between New York and Los Angeles, which makes it popular with the entertainment industry. While the hard product is impressive, the soft product isn't The 32S, as it is known to American Airlines frequent flyers, is also known as the good A321. Before American decided that seatback screens on narrowbody aircraft were unnecessary in a modern streaming world, it took delivery of a bunch of Airbus A320 family aircraft and 737-800s with Thales seatback screens. The 32S is one of those lucky subfleets, and I wanted to try it out before it was.

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The new American Airlines configuration for the Airbus A321 will have 20 first class seats (one more row of first class) and 176 coach seats. American will begin taking delivery of Airbus A321neo aircraft in January ('new engine option') and they'll have this new configuration. Then, as I reported back in August, American will begin to retrofit existing Airbus A321s (A312ceo or 'current engine. By the book: A review of American Airlines' A321 in first from Chicago to Miami. Victoria M. Walker. Sep 16, 2019. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. TPG Rating. 73 100. Fly in style with complimentary premium dining and enhanced seating in First American Airlines | AAdvantage - 737-800 vs A320 vs A321 First class seats - Due to a schedule change, my 757-200 (with lie flat seats) is no longer available (rats). So, seems my choices are some combo of: CRJ-700 (a little over 2 hour flight) 737-800 or A319 and then A321 and then A320 for First class seats (or Trip Report: American Airlines First Class | Airbus A321 | Dallas - Chicago; After a brief stop in Dallas, it was time to head north. Knowing it took around an hour to get from the airport last night, I checked out of the hotel at 08:30. I made it to DFW at around 09:40, and was able to make my way through the premium security via the premium check in area. It took around the typical amount.

Review: American Airlines A321 First and Main Cabin Extra, DFW-LAX. by Sriram Srinivasan Last updated January 9, 2018. Our periodic trip to SoCal to visit my in-laws came due a few weeks ago. Since I didn't have time to make it a road trip, what better opportunity to engage in some plane-geekery. Over the past couple of months, American deployed new Airbus A321 aircraft on the DFW-LAX route. There are numerous articles about first class and business class flights on airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and British Airways. When it comes to flying with American Airlines, however, there is a bit more confusion on whether it is worth ponying up the cash/points for a first class ticket, or whether buying a business class ticket makes more sense American Airlines configures its Airbus A321 fleet in a three-class layout. There are 16 recliner seats in first class in a 2-2 configuration. They have 38 inches of pitch but are not flatbeds. Following this is 'main cabin extra' which has standard economy seats with extra legroom. There are 36 seats in a 3-3 configuration and each has 35 inches of pitch. Lastly, there are 129 standard. For this flight, I was in American Airlines A321 First Class, which was a small cabin of 16 seats in a 2-2 configuration. The plane had another 165 more seats for economy and economy plus, or what American calls Main Cabin and Main Cabin Extra. These seats were in a 3-3 configuration. I boarded the flight quite early on as I was quite sleepy. I was in seat 3A, which was the left window seat on.

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American Airlines - LAX-ORD - A321 - First - No Lounge - Cash (This Report) Lufthansa - ORD-FRA - 747-8i - First - United Polaris Lounge - United Mileageplus Lufthansa - FRA - PEK - A340-600 - First - Lufthansa First Class Terminal - United Mileageplus Japan Airlines - PEK-HND - 787-8 - Business - BGS Premium Lounge (No Review) - United Mileageplus ANA - NRT-LAX - 777-300ER - First - ANA Suite. Currently American Airlines flies Boeing 757s and 767s to Hawaii. American's first class cabin, Airbus A321 transcon flying New York - San Francisco/Los Angeles. Rather they'll be A321s with 16 domestic first class seats. This begins in September. While these will be aircraft with new-style interiors, not all elite frequent flyers will be happy with the upgrade since it means.

Last week on my way to Barranquilla, I flew the brand new American Airlines 2 cabin Airbus A321 in First Class from LAX-MIA (Los Angeles to Miami). The First Class cabin of the Airbus A321 is in a 2-2 configuration with 16 recliner seats American first class A321 bottom line. American is the only airline to consistently offer a three cabin first class product between New York and Los Angeles. And a reverse herringbone seat is my favorite kind of business class hard product. So they have that going for them. That being said, I do find it a bit disappointing that American does so little to differentiate the soft product. A.

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I wanted to see first hand how the newer A321 stacked up to the (soon-to-be) classic 757. At the moment, the only current operatosr of the A321 in the U.S. are Spirit and US Airways; however JetBlue and American Airlines have received their first ones and Delta, and Hawaiian have plans to expand their fleet with the A321 in either CEO (Current Engine Option) or NEO (New Engine Option) flavor. This is it: the American Airlines A321 first class cabin! the woman in 2A doesn't look pleased This is the view of the first class cabin from the rear (looking forward) All in all, first impressions of this first class mini-suite were really good. Not quite as good as the Asiana Airlines A380 first class suites, but very good for a domestic US product. Seat 5A: mine for the 5 hour flight.

Whereas airlines typically outfit A321s with 190 to 200 seats, American's A321T features a premium-heavy 102-seat configuration, including 10 first-class seats and 20 business-class seats TOPICS: A321 Airbus A321 Charlotte to Los Angeles CLT Airport CLT-LAX First Class Transcontinental Flight US US Airways US Airways CLT-LAX A321 First Class Posted By: Points Summary March 16, 2015 After my flight landed at Charlotte International Airport (CLT) from Rio de Janeiro, I had a short two and a half hour layover in CLT airport before my flight to Los Angeles Executives view it as a key cost-saving measure to streamline the seating layouts on the airline's fleet of hundreds of A321 and 737 jets. Related: American Airlines is upgrading first class on.

American Airlines — Classes of Service. No one loves sitting in economy, but if you've got to be in the rear part of the plane, you can definitely be a savvy traveler and pick seats that improve your onboard experience. Here's a look at all of American's different seat types, as a brief reference, before diving into your economy options: Flagship First. Flagship First is American's. Review: American Airlines Transcontinental First Class Airbus A321 New York JFK to San Francisco. By travelingfoody May 31, 2019 July 5, 2019. Leave a Comment on Review: American Airlines Transcontinental First Class Airbus A321 New York JFK to San Francisco [Click above for the video review.] Flight Number: AA2305 Route: JFK-SFO; New York (John F Kennedy International Airport Terminal 8) to. The A321 First class seat The A321 First class seats. My Ticket. I flew this product from JFK-SFO before connecting on to Tokyo first class on Japan Airlines, which I was really excited to try (stay tuned for review). The total out-of-pocket cost for my first class flights—from JFK to San Francisco on American Airlines' new A321T, then onward from San Francisco to Tokyo Haneda on a Japan. American Airlines operates its best narrowbody aircraft (complete with lie-flat seats in First & Business Class) on a few select transcontinental routes on which the airline feels that it needs to compete for premium passenger traffic. One of the routes on which these aircraft operate is the route between Los Angeles and New York (JFK)

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American invites first-class passengers to board first, followed by business-class passengers. Boarding had already begun by the time I arrived at the gate (even though it was close to the lounge), so I used the Priority AAccess lane, available to first- and business-class passengers as well as higher-level elite members of American's AAdvantage program and incurred no wait at all. The crew. The American Airlines Airbus A320 (320) seats 150 passengers and is primarily used on Domestic US routes. The aircraft is configured with 12 recliner style seats in First Class and 138 standard seats in Main Cabin Economy Class. There are 18 seats in the Main Cabin offered as American Airlines' Main Cabin Extra that may be selected for an additional fee. These seats are located at the First.

Review of Business Class on American Airlines' Transcon A321 By Guest Contributor. 17 Jun 2014. Business Class on the American A321 - Photo: SouthpawCapture. I live in the Dallas area, and don't often fly transcon flights. However, I recently needed to go to both LA and New York close to the same time, and I thought it would be fun to try American's new Airbus A321T they are. American Airlines Airbus A321 181pax 1 2.5 of 5 based on 6 user ratings. Reviews Write review Page 1 2. Link American Airlines Airbus First I'd like to say are the videos online of First Class look amazing, that being said, I was disappointed . I was expecting a screen on the seat in front of me where I can watch videos or the route we were flying. There was nothing! There was a blanket. American Airlines has taken a cue from Paris Hilton. No, they haven't released a sex tape (at least as far as I know). They have, however, designed First Class pet cabins to accommodate the pups of the rich and famous just like Paris and her tiny rat chihuahua Tinkerbell. According to AA's outside PR firm AA uses an A321 with 10 first class seats, 20 seats in business, 36 in Main Cabin Extra, and 36 in regular economy between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco and on certain Los Angeles to Miami flights. First class on the A321. In this post: Check in and lounge; Boarding; Seat and cabin; Food and drink; In-flight Entertainment and wi-fi; Conclusion; Check in and lounge. I was on my way. Flying a American Airlines Airbus A321 soon? Get the best seat possible with our American Airlines A321 seating chart and traveler seat reviews

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American Airlines First Class Airbus A321 Sharklets images, similar and related articles aggregated throughout the Internet American Airlines' First Class passengers have their own a la carte dining area - which is unfortunately not accessible for Oneworld Emeralds. If you want to refreshen between the flights, there were showers available American Airlines intends to phase out its 757-200s on some Hawaii routes starting in August of this year, replacing them with its 2-cabin A321 layout. The A321s will have sharklets to increase range but are expected to still fly with weight restrictions in some cases, possibly due to shorter runways on a couple of the islands. These A321s will be a subfleet of the company's rapidly. Although different airlines offer different kinds of First Class seats, your comfort at 40,000 feet en route to Hawaii will not so much depend on the carrier but rather on the aircraft type. Yes, you read that right! These days, the market between Hawaii and the USA mainland is dominated by narrow body planes (e.g. Boeing 737s, Boeing 757s, and Airbus A320s) and that's not a good thing for. First Class seats (image via American Airlines website) Why fly First Class on a domestic flight? Bigger seats and more legroom, of course. On the A321 Airbus that we flew, there are 16 seats measuring 21″ wide (vs. 16.3″-17.7″ in Economy) and a seat pitch of 39″ vs. 31″-35″ in Economy

First class on the A321 has 4 rows of 2×2 seating for a total of 16 seats. The seats are designed by Recaro and, according to Alaska, they looked to the sports car industry, not the airline industry, for inspiration. The seats are 21 inches wide with 41 inches of pitch. That's a very generous amount of legroom for domestic first class. Each seat has a cup-holder in the armrest and a. American Airlines is working on retrofitting its Boeing 737 aircraft with a new configuration that will standardize the planes with the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Simple Flying had a chance to fly in first class on a retrofitted 737-800 flying between Austin and Charlotte. Here's what we thought. Simple Flying flew a retrofitted Boeing 737-800 between Austin and Charlotte. Photo: Getty. American Airlines has a new aircraft for its mid-haul transcontinental flights - the A321, with fully-flat beds in both first and business class. At the time of this review in January, the A321.

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Domestic First: American Airlines A321 ORD-PHX. May 27, 2018 January 26, 2021 Posted in Uncategorized. The Details. Flight: AA2061 ; Aircraft: A321; Seat: 1A; Class: Domestic First; Route: Chicago O'Hare International (ORD)-Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX) Distance: 1,440 miles; Duration: 3hr 22min ; Departure: 5:15AM; Arrival: 6:31AM; The Preflight. I arrived at Terminal 3 of Chicago. On board they will have 20 first class seats, 47 premium economy seats and 129 economy seats. Why did American Airlines order the A321neo? The A321neo is an important plane for American Airlines, who will use the new aircraft to replace the aging Boeing 757s in their fleet as well as their few McDonnell Douglas MD-83's. They currently have another 99 A321neos on order that will continue to. A review of American's Flagship Lounge and A321 First Class cabin. Take to the skies in a fresh new first class cabin from Hollywood to the Lone Star State. Special appearance by Air Force One Review: American US Airways A321 First Class, DFW to Philadelphia. by Sriram Srinivasan Last updated December 20, 2018. Welcome to the first installment of my Czech Republic-Romania trip report! This trip started early (too early, really) on a rainy Saturday morning with a short hop from Dallas to Philadelphia. Why a connection in Philadelphia, when there was an afternoon nonstop to.

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This my first and probably last time flying first class. My husband requested I take video of it since he hasn't flown first class either. He assumed that First Class on Airbus A321 vs Boeing 787 (American Airlines, DFW to LAX) Omyplan Seat 5A is a lie-flat first class window seat with 157cm 62 of seat pitch, which is average across Airbus A321's worldwide. 5A is has a bulkhead behind it, which means there's nobody behind you to bump or kick your seat, but your seat recline may be slightly limited American Airlines | AAdvantage - First Class Seats on A321 / 321 Pre-Oasis LUS - Couldn't find info about F seats ( only transcon ). Mods, pls move if there is an existing thread. We have a domestic redeye to CLT continuing to DFW on this plane. I am paranoid about people reclining into my face and therefore conside

Seat 4C, First Class, aisle. This flight was on American's newer A321, (coded A32B), with AC power and In-Flight Entertainment with 15.4-inch touch screens in First (8.9 inch screens in Coach). The flight boarded 45 minutes prior to departure, as scheduled, and departed on time. There was a bottle of Dasani water waiting at each First Class seat. Flight time was 4 hours, 35 minutes due to. Usually, you have to fly pretty far to fly in American Airlines' best lie-flat business and first-class seats. However, during April 2021, AA is flying over 1,400 flights within the U.S. using these internationally-configured aircraft. Check out this article to see the 33 routes that have a Boeing 777 or 787 flying within the U.S. this month

Here's How to Avoid American Airlines Oldest PlanesReview of American Airlines flight from Charlotte to

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American Airlines - A321. Eligible routes: New York (JFK) - Los Angeles (LAX) New York (JFK) - San Francisco (SFO) Boston (BOS) - Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines is one of the only airlines offering actual fancy first class on domestic flights — seats up to the standard of an international lie-flat business class seat. From legacy carriers, you should expect a high-quality seat. Class Seat count Seat pitch Seat width Wi-Fi Entertainment Power; First 12 36 21 available: Personal device Not available: Main Cabin Extra 18 Bulkhead, exit row 16.5 - 18 available: Personal device Not available: Main Cabin 120 31 - 32 16.5 - 18 available: Personal device Not available: Cargo compartment. Door Height Width Item max weight ; Forward 46 in / 116 cm 71 in / 180 cm 500 lbs. American Airlines Fleet Airbus A321neo ACF Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout. American Airlines Airbus A321neo ACF aircraft is configured with 20 recliner-style First Class seats, 47 Main Cabin Extra seats featuring additional legroom, and 129 standard Main Cabin seats American Airlines New Airbus A321T. by Mike Last updated December 11, 2017. Today American launches their first Airbus A321T (transcontinental) service from JFK to Los Angeles. Last month, I experienced the aircraft during an American Airlines event at JFK. Overall, it's an impressive cabin. With In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) at every seat and seating for just 102 passengers, boarding should. American Airlines New A321 Seats Are Tight When Person In Front Reclines. I'm a fan of American Airlines (AA). They have great customer service, especially on Twitter, and I love the fact that they haven't gone to the dark side with their frequent flier program by going revenue-based instead of mileage-based (Boo Delta and United).But everyone in the industry knows that that will switch.

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Introduction. If you thought true first class was limited to international flights, think again: American Airlines breaks the mould by offering both business class and first class on its flagship Airbus A321T transcontinental flights, including between Los Angeles and New York's JFK Airport. With kerbside check-in at LAX, private lounges and fully-flat beds with direct aisle access for every. I flew domestic first class on American Airlines to see how it compares with coach — here's what I discovered Matthew DeBord 2018-06-25T13:21:00

Hawaiian Airlines' New Airbus A321neo Planes Could MeanReview of Business Class on American Airlines' TransconAmerican Airlines is cutting more legroom in economy classAmerican Airlines ORD-PVG 777-200 Business Class - Points

American Airlines | AAdvantage - Combined 2021 AA Domestic Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread) - Introduction Welcome to the 2021 version of the combined AA meals thread, focusing on domestic service. Please post your meal/service experiences, including menus, photos, reports, questions, and servic American Airlines (Piedmont Airlines) Bombardier de Havilland Dash 8-100 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview The Dash 8-100 aircraft is configured with single class configuration. There's 6 seats on main cabin extra (bulkhead, exit row), and 30 standard seats on main cabin American Airlines Old A321 First Class Cabin and Seat Selection. American Airlines' old A321 First Class cabins are in stark contrast to the new American Airlines 32B transcontinental first class and AA 321 transcon business class, both with flat bed seats. Those cabins and seats are very comfortable, whereas these old A321 first class seats couldn't be more different. There are a total of 16.

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